Daum : a legendary master glassmaker


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A legendary master glassmaker

In 1878, Jean Daum Nancy acquires glassware. Initiator of modern glass at the dawn of the twentieth century, Daum displayed at the first time his ambition in creating. The “Art Nouveau” to “Decorative Arts”, the artistic works of the legendary master glassmaker address the world of crystal with expertise and modernism.

Daum realizes the perfect combination of art and crafts for outstanding creations. Manufacturing has attracted many artists, by his talents glass; more than a century, more than 350 signatures have participated in this unique experience.

Unique knowlege: a traditional process creation

Transmitted from generation to generation, the process of creation is entirely handmade. If the technique of glass paste existed since ancient times, Daum rediscovered in 1968 with the reworking of the crystal. This unique expertise is still operated by the best glass masters.

By a casting process and lost wax casting, this technique provides a very special material made impossible to achieve with a traditional technique of blown crystal. The lost wax technique, discovered by the Egyptians, is to prepare wax models for the manufacture of the final piece. An exceptional palette of 40 shades provides unique color effects.

Inspirations Daum

Style “Art Nouveau” inspired by Nature, marks the first phase of creating decorative household items. In 1920, Daum gradually left the shores of the “Art Nouveau” to address those of this new aesthetic that is born, “Art Deco”. He comes out pieces that are among the most beautiful of all the collections of Daum, with a wealth of proposals, an accuracy in the design and sublimation materials. The proportion of pigments, harmony transparencies and skills sculptors and engravers transform matter into light.

In the 40s, Daum decides to move to the crystal production to meet new creative challenges. This is the so-called “Free Forms” period that the house will stage with once again its know-how that has enabled him to push his limits. Today Daum is part of the trend and power in the “Contemporary Art”.

Daum collections

Daum offers various collections: Interior Architecture, Art Editions, Floral Collections, Bestiary, Special Products, Gifts and Jewelry.

The interior design is characterized by elegant furniture. These works reveal an exceptional marriage of styles, colors and materials: stainless steel and molten crystal. In this approach the ultimate luxury, Editions art combine art, skill and creativity. These works are designed by iconic artists for exceptional achievements.


For Collections Floral, Daum played on combining colors and shapes in a set of transparency and light. Each piece recalls the theme of Nature between a colorful floral ambience and lush vegetation. In shades of purple, blue, green and orange, Daum imagine a great range of new and flamboyant colors.

The Bestiary Collection revolves around a project consisting of animal sculptures. In color or black and white, Daum offers this line its most luxurious makeover.

For its special products, Daum builds cultural and spiritual wealth worldwide.

The crystal-diversified offering jewelry. Pendants, earrings and rings up a collection high-end. The brilliance of the crystal combined with the simplicity of gold or silver offer original and sophisticated ornaments. The collection showcases bright and bold colors.